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GP RadioNuclides is "the seeds of innovation." The Department of Energy calls them as Technology Metals. They make conceivable the cutting edge world we live in today – everything from the scaling down of hardware, to the empowering of efficient power energy and clinical advances, to supporting a bunch of fundamental broadcast communications and safeguard frameworks. They are the components that have become indispensable to our universe of innovation attributable to their special attractive, luminous, and synergist properties.

GP RadioNuclides fabricates gear and creates isotopes for atomic medication, completes exploration and material investigations. It gathers supercomputers and plans programming just as various atomic and non-atomic creative items. The organization has undertakings covering different clean energy projects, including wind energy.

GP RadioNuclides is an advocate of the uniform public strategy and best administration rehearses in atomic force use, the atomic weapons industry, and atomic wellbeing. GP RadioNuclides is liable for meeting global responsibilities with respect to serene employments of thermal power and atomic limitation.

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Radioactive Isotope Identification
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Gamma Radiation Survey


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GP RadioNuclides radiation security experts will clarify every one of the parts of the radiation estimation report and its perils. Our mastery will likewise give legitimate rules and the best plausible arrangements. Our mastery, management will decrease the influenced level of ionizing radiation in the air.


After the fruitful establishment of radiation wellbeing arrangement according to AERB standards at your task or premises; our radiation security experts will play out the break test after examination and identification of the associated source and adequacy with the protecting.

Radio Nuclear
Radio Nuclear
Industry Leading

GP RadioNuclides is known as a worldwide leader in wellbeing and radiation insurance benefits, our experts maintain the standard of IRAC. Quality guaranteed hardware utilized by our aptitude, which incorporates Radiation Safety Jackets, Thyroid Collar, Radiation Monitor, TLD Badges, Radiation Survey Meter, GM Counters, and so forth

Acoustic Emission Monitoring

It is currently more than a long time since present day acoustic discharge (AE) procedures have been utilized in the business. GP RadioNuclides incredible advances have been made in both AE instrumentation improvement and applications including essential capacities like deformity/spill/source recognition/Rays discovery and area, and some source distinguishing proof.

Radio Nuclear
Radio Nuclear

GP RadioNuclides is formed by profoundly talented and experienced specialists, ensured in all strategies. Our group, can offers you different administrations, completed either in our own office, or on location, contingent upon your inclinations, with a full scope of compact hardware and apparatuses we can effectively play out any assignment, any spot, any time as per freshest NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) methods.

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We are the business supporter is an individual, of Product Manufacturer and purchaser. Their duties will depend on the type of contract that they had arranged with their client. Otherwise, we are not interfering the Product details and contractor or client. Additionally, a business agent is sometimes the client’s public-relations officer. In other words, they are responsible for creating a positive public image.

Radio Nuclear

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Our Services

Radioisotope Identification Devices (RIIDs)

Radioisotope Identification Devices (RIIDs) are instruments that are designed to determine the identity of radioactive materials by measuring the energy of the emitted gamma rays.

  • Emergency Response (Fire, etc.)
  • Homeland Security (Ports, Customs)
  • Clandestine Surveillance (Public Venues)
  • HAZMAT (Spills, Site Perimeters)
  • Industrial (Uranium Mining, Shale)
  • Medical (Radiopharmacy, Laundry, Wasts)
  • Radiation Safety (Nuclear Power, HEU)
  • Passenger and Freight Monitoring
  • Non-proliferation Enforcement (Inspections)
  • Health Physics (HLW/LLW Monitoring, Recycling)
  • Food, Water & Public Health
  • Unattended/Remote Monitoring
Radio Nuclear
Rad Hunter - 17

The rad HUNTER is an amazingly touchy and precise advanced hand-held gamma radionuclide identication gadget (RID).

  • Rapidly determine the primary location of theradiation
  • Fast nuclide identification
  • Alarms on doserate changes above background
  • Continually stabilizes for temperature and otherconditional changes
  • 12 channel, SiRF III GPS
  • Reach-back via Bluetooth connected to DUNcapable cell phone
  • ANSI N42.42 output format
  • Web Interface for monitoring and configuring instrument
  • Transflective color display
  • Visible, audible and tactile alarm annunciators
  • Embedded Windows CE operating system
  • User interface based on identiFINDER 2
Thermo fisher 17 usd 700 model

Speed up routine example arrangement processes up to 17,000xg with our standard microcentrifuge, accessible with cooling.

  • Execution up to 17,000xg with quick speed increase and deceleration
  • Refrigerated renditions offer cooling from room temperature to set temperature in just 9 minutes
  • Look over 7 discretionary microcentrifuge rotors to track down the best fit for your application
  • Remarkable consumption opposition with lightweight designed polymer rotors
  • Standard rotor runs 24 microcentrifuge tubes in a solitary line, from 1.5 to 2.0 mL cylinders to smaller than usual prepares and twist sections
  • Wipe out the requirement for connectors with an extraordinary double line rotor
  • Improve on activity with instinctive controls, simple-to-understand shows and quick a single tick rotator cover conclusion
  • Smooth, lightweight, space-saving plan
  • Strong and simple to clean and keep up with
  • Calm execution advances a protected, peaceful climate
  • Adjusts to the most recent clinical and wellbeing norms, including 98/79/EC In Vitro Diagnostic Directive
Radio Nuclear
SAM 945 (RIID) Radiation Isotope Identifier

The SAM 945 Portable Isotope Identifier is designed to meet ANSI 42.34 execution standards for handheld instruments for the recognition and ID of radionuclides. Its lightweight, versatile plan makes it ideal for some sorts of radiological reviews, including the most requesting applications, for example, assessment of radiation perils by Country Security, people on the call, and wellbeing physicists.

  • Handheld ANSI Standards N42.42 & N42.43 Compliant Isotope Identifier with SmartPhone
  • Identify Multiple Nuclear Isotopes < 1 Second
  • Optional 3He Neutron Detector (for SNM)
  • Auto-Calibration and Stabilization
  • Photo-Tagging with N.42 Data Networking
  • Industry’s Largest Library (497 Isotope Options)
Radio Nuclear

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